Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Axis Capital Group to join IGBC 2015

Singapore is set to prove its place when it comes to green building construction and the events to back it up are continuously pouring. This coming September 2-4, 2015, International Green Building Conference is said to be one of the largest events which will serve as a catalyst for more seminars and eco-friendly awareness in the years to come.

Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital equipment in Singapore and has extended to Jakarta, Indonesia, is also expected to come to Marina Bay Sands Hotel, the event’s venue along with other non-profit organization, private institutions and interested individuals to learn more about green construction and its coming future.

Organized by the Building and Construction Authority of Singapore and into its seventh run, IGBC 2015 is the anchor event of the Singapore Green Building Week. IGBC 2015 will play host to more than 1000 participants from over 30 countries - international green building experts, policy-makers, academics, built environment practitioners, tenants and end-users, including members of the public and students.

Months before it is about to take place, reviews are already being written on the various expectations prepared for this event. A congregation of ideas, collaboration and learning among global and regional stakeholders to achieve a shared vision of a greener planet through the green building movement are some of the many expectations.

IGBC 2015's theme will be 'Build Green, Live Smart', focusing on the call for greener infrastructure and on the need for end users to act more responsibly and live sustainably based on meaningful smart data collected.
Since 2005, Singapore has topped the world on the cleanest and greenest city all over the world. With the development in infrastructure of the so-called Lion City, one cannot totally imagine how environment and modernization were incorporated.

Not only is today’s fa├žade of the city green and eco-friendly. The government, along with other private and public institutions are already planning an 80% green overall requirement of each and every infrastructure found in the country. In response, buildings and projects are already including green and healthy designs and systems in their projects.

By encouraging and even demanding the use of innovative architectural green ideas and energy-saving technologies, Singapore has become a model of improving civilization in Asia – an important development in the region as it is a home of struggling and growing urbanization and housing the largest number of people anywhere else in the world.

Friday, 7 August 2015

Setting up your Rental Business

With the development of construction industry and infrastructure, the demand for the equipment used in this field is also increasing. In America alone, 80% of businesses and projects are taking advantage of rented equipment on a regular basis.

The set-up of local manufacturers in Jakarta, Indonesia also set up ways for heavy equipment rentals and sales to a big boom. In Singapore, Axis Capital Group, one of the companies in the same field has a lot in their sleeves since the lion city has set up to be one of the most developed countries in Asia.

Many individuals are also wondering how they could get into the game. Despite the warnings of a very fierce competition between local and foreign manufacturers and distributors, a lot are still willing to risk. How do you set up your own business then?

1. Evaluate the Competition

Prior to launching a heavy construction equipment rental business in your area, it's a smart move to see how strong the competition is. Know them and identify their strengths, marketing practice as well as their weaknesses. Knowing their products they offer and their partnership can be a little over-the-top but it can be an advantage. Review it and compare on your own. You may learn some lessons from their own way of making their business.

2. Learn from Experts

Since you are just a start-up business and the industry is a tough one, you can be humble enough and ask those who had been in the game longer than you are. An owner of a heavy construction equipment rental business in another town may be willing to share their entrepreneurial wisdom with you, after they realize you reside far away from them and won't be stealing their local customers. In that case, the business owner may be more than happy to discuss the industry with you. Based on Axis’ experience, you may have to call ten business owners in order to find one who is willing to share his wisdom with you.

3. Every business needs to be marketed

Market your rental business. Let everyone know you exist in the game. Call on businesses that have need of your equipment. Advertise on radio, in the paper or on TV. As an introductory offer, you can give promotions so you can gain a good customer base. Marketing your business can also give you a good branding.