Thursday 29 January 2015

Construction Indonesia 2015 - Upcoming Trade Fairs

This coming September 9 – 12 September 2015, Jakarta. Construction Indonesia 2015 is collocated with:

A. Electric
B. Power & Renewable Energy
C. Mining Indonesia 

Infrastructure development is a significant part of supporting Indonesia’s growing economy. To attract private investment more projects are needed:

A. Toll roads
B. Power plants
C. Railways
D. Bridges 
E. Tunnels
F. Improved harbors
G. Improved Airports
H. Water & sanitation 

The above will surely create employment (and stimulate consumer spending)

Over the next 5 years, plans to upgrade Indonesia’s infrastructure are expected to attract US$70 Billion of investment, stimulating a boom in the construction industry that is expected to grow at over 6.8% year on year.

For sure, Axis Capital Group in Jakarta will continue to provide support and sales for the ongoing construction development in Indonesia in the next couple of years. Beware of bogus construction suppliers. Our equipment is based from top construction manufacturers all over the world.  Please visit our website Axis Capital Group Jakarta, Indonesia for high quality of construction trucks among the few, with good pricing against local suppliers. We provide reliable construction equipment due to our long track record in the construction industry area. We also offer equipment rentals that proved to be meeting heavy equipment requirements to our clients.

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