Monday 9 June 2014

Axis Capital Group Launches On-line Lease Processing System

Singapore, Singapore May 2014 – Axis Capital Group, Singapore has launched the company’s on-line lease application and processing system for channel partners across Jakarta, Indonesia.  Using this on-line lease application and processing system, equipment vendors and brokers can submit applications, obtain credit decisions, view status, and download documents securely over the internet on a 24/7 basis. You are secure that this system is free of scam.

Axis launched the system in January to provide partners with a complete user-centric lease management tool. Axis expects to deliver faster, more efficient processing of transactions, better communication and greater customer service by automating the application process and delivering it on-line.

According to Axis Capital Group spokesperson, we are very confident to launch and provide you this system and we are proud that we put pride on developing and delivering innovative service solutions to our clients. We designed the system to the convenience of our customers to inter-connectivity and efficiency smooth flowing business.

Partners can register with Axis Capital Group and receive personal user credentials either over the phone or by filling out a web site form.  For more details, visit Axis official website.  All data is transmitted securely to a dedicated server. Once logged-in, users can enter applications, obtain credit decisions, receive status updates, generate and send documents, and track and report on-line.  

Company information

Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore, is a company that sells and rents construction capital equipment from cranes to excavators and related heavy construction equipment throughout Southeast Asia.  The company is a multi-line dealership that is committed in assisting you in finding the products that will meet your job requirements.

Since 1999 Axis Capital Group has been servicing Southeast Asia with a complete selection of capital equipment.  We continually focus on providing the highest standards in quality products and customer service.

The company structure and flexibility combined with relatively low overheads make Axis Capital Group very competitive in the market place and since Singapore is a port and where the company is based, you are guaranteed that your equipment will be delivered in no time and with the highest of quality. 

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