Sunday 15 June 2014

Quality Leasing Capital Equipment Company by Axis Capital Group

Axis Capital Group, Singapore is our first company of choice. Our family is into bed and breakfast and when we finally decided to expand to Jakarta Indonesia, since the City is booming on tourism, we immediately contacted Axis. They were actually our partners since day one of the construction of our first business, also bed and breakfast and is located in Southeast Asia as well.

This business has yet to give us our machine next month, they are a bit expensive than others but the quality of their machines are tried and tested, you can trust that they would lease you a quality equipment. I never heard of any customers who had issues and complaints against them.

I also commend their customer service hotline. I usually get pissed on waiting too long just to talk to real people and not the answering machine but theirs is very customer friendly, no waiting time and no rude and no nothing representatives.

I have read some reviews about Axis that I thought were just some part of black propaganda or some unhealthy competition from some envious rivalries. They were unreasonable.

When we paid them the amount that they were supposed to get by June 2000, our first transaction with Axis, one of their front desk assistant promised us that we are going to get our equipment within one week and they did deliver in the promised time and even earlier. We did not have to call them several times just to follow-up on or orders in fact we did not even make any call, nothing at all. When I checked the equipment, all the orders were there and in quality condition despite transported from a far land.

For the past years that we are close deals with them, we never had any complaint at all. This is one company you should never worry about scams or fraud; they are just as genuine as you want your business to be. I recommend them along with my business name.

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