Tuesday 12 August 2014

Axis Capital Group: Projecting Maintenance on Heavy Equipment

Nowadays we have smartphones, smart cars, smart buildings, smart grids, and smart meters, and we're starting to perceive smart tractors, loaders, spreaders, and grader and because of this, we can say that the smart age is here in earnest.

Together, what these smart-age technologies stand is promise. For construction professionals, they may be yet attempting to find out how to place all of the pieces together for your organization. This basically denotes putting technologies in place to monitor and run important plant, property, and equipment. The test is to put this information to use in a method that openly impacts your bottom-line.

As the long revival from the recession starts, companies are fixated on prolonging the life of the expensive capital equipment deprived of experiencing unintended stoppage and disruptions to their operations. This makes service and maintenance a serious element of lengthening the life of important equipment.

For the several construction and leasing companies, this entails a greater must to work keener in order to match. Several midsized companies do not have the advantage of luxurious enterprise applications that automate maintenance service management. In other words, these firms have up till now to understand the many benefits of the connected world.

For the well part of the last decade, software vendors and pundits have assured a new age of 'smart services.' Though, because of the slower rate of technology adoption, joined with high infrastructure costs, these promises have not prolonged to the construction industry, leaving companies asking the question, 'How do I make more money from all of this?' and origin of all the complaints.

Countless have tried to respond that question with things such as location-based services, mobile communications, cloud computing, asset tracking, and the host of other technologies that fall under the category of M2M (machine-to-machine). Nonetheless said efforts have writhed without well-designed applications. Axis Capital Group, Singapore is working with construction and equipment leasing companies to solve these challenges with an integrated suite of applications that assess the performance of this equipment automatically, notify support, and schedule service, together with all the company’s connections in Southeast Asian countries such as KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Jakarta Indonesia and many more.

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