Wednesday 20 August 2014

Specializing In Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment

Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore has done all types of machinery from compact forklifts to 300 ton cranes. Many of the heavy equipment washing are centered on eliminating mud and grease. These are at all times time consuming projects since grease likes to splatter from one surface to the next instead of just washing it away. This indicates every surface gets hit multiple times from multiple angles.

Pressure Washing a Truck Mounted Drilling Rig

One exception to the normal is when washing heavy mining equipment. Most of the time they ring when the equipment has not been used yet, in actuality when they have to pressure wash their mining equipment; it’s generally to eliminate the special coating of Cosmoline that is applied afore it’s shipped from overseas. It has us come out to get rid of this cosmoline before they ship it to the buyer.

Earlier doing any work one has to get a specific permit from the waste water treatment district where their property is situated. To clean any equipment, one had to set up a wash using a specific cleaning agent and Axis Capital Group has to take a sample of the wash water runoff to test it before giving us a permit to recover the water and discharge it to the sanitary sewer.

Pressure Washing Heavy Equipment at a Mine

Once the test water was approved, the cleaner may able to wash some pieces of heavy equipment. Regain all our water and settled it to the sanitary sewer agreeing to the specifications of our permit. Washing cosmoline off of painted metal is much stress-free than pushing grease around, but then is still time consuming for the reason that the cleaning agent permitted to use does not break down the cosmoline very well, therefore use lots of pressure and hot water to strip it off.

Construction Equipment Pressure Washing

In the procedure of washing the metal, they had no option but to leave the cosmoline around and on the stickers because all the stickers on the mining equipment are required by law to be there. Aside from that, the equipment cleaned up pleasantly and the equipment is left looking shiny new. The courses will make both the water district and the customer contented while still getting the equipment back to its new look for the customer.

How the regulations on pressure washing heavy equipment apply differs from one job-site to the next. If you have equipment that requires cleaning, hire a professional pressure washing company to assure yourself that you are in conformity with any regulations that affect your specific situation. You are guaranteed with no hocus-pocus, free of scam and fraudulence. Read reviews regarding the company before signing on any contract.

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