Thursday 19 February 2015

Axis Capital Group Construction Equipment Review: Singapore Leading the Green Wave

The heat is on for the advocacy of a much greener cityscapes and buildings in Singapore. The Building and Construction Authority (BCA) in the country announced that they aim that in 2030, Singapore will be much greener than today with 80% of its building certified to be green.

Being “green” doesn’t entirely and literally mean buildings will be painted green all over. That is, these buildings and infrastructures will be water and energy efficient, with a high quality and healthy indoor environment, integrated with green spaces and constructed from eco-friendly materials.

In Singapore’s densely built land area with limited space and few natural resources, pursuing green environment is necessary to sustain.

In 2012, the government has started their campaign by building public housing blocks as testing ground for future eco-friendly projects. Over 80% of Singapore’s residents live in public housing, called HDBs after the Housing and Development Board that builds them. They put various eco-friendly features in Treelodge@Punggol, as the project is named, that help capitalizing on the wind, enhancing greenery, reducing energy consumption, etcetera, all in one development. However, maintaining eco-friendly building such as this comes at a high price as well. To afford the cost, the government tied up with private sectors to continuously provide the funding.

There are currently 1, 700 green buildings in Singapore, making up approximately 21% of the total building stock. It is projected to hit 35% in 2020, according to Singaporean-German Chamber of Industry and Commerce. There is also greater awareness of the benefits and strong business case of green buildings.

Dr. John Keung of BCA states, “We are encouraged by these positive results and will continue to review our plans in charting Singapore’s leadership in green building advancement in the tropics.”

BCA also released a Green Building Master Plan, which included both regulations and incentives. Every new building has to meet or exceed the minimum environmental sustainability standard. This promotes the adoption of green buildings designs and technologies.

Axis Capital group is a construction equipment company based in Singapore supporting the construction of eco-friendly building infrastructure and buildings not only in the country but also to other neighboring nation, particularly in Jakarta, Indonesia which we branch out. We have wide varieties of high-quality, eco-friendly used and new construction equipment which you can either buy or rent for a competitive cost.

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