Wednesday 25 February 2015

Indonesia Soars to New Heights

Jakarta, Indonesia - In the midst of construction of the world’s first net-zero energy skyscraper, Axis Capital Group gives all out support for the continued growth of Indonesia’s construction industry that has encouraged local equipment production in the country.

According to CBC News, Indonesia completed 3 skyscrapers last year and has placed 4th in the world along with US, Japan and Canada. China continues to be 1st though, since it has built 58 buildings.

In January, 2014, the start of construction for Pertamina Energy Tower in Jakarta, Indonesia has caused a lot of stir in not only to the experts in the industry but also to the greater public. It was not only for its 99-storey height that the tower has distinguished itself from other skyscrapers but it will also be the first tower to generate its own power. The top of the building, the funnel captures wind, sucks it inside and speed it up to run a series of vertical wind turbines. Other buildings on the new campus will be covered in solar panels. When it’s finished in 2019, 20, 000 people are expected to work there and it will serve as the headquarters for Petramina, the national energy company.

International design teams have also collaborated on developer competition to build Peruri 88 in Downtown Jakarta. The creation of the chic and modern style of what seems to be different buildings piled on top of each other is said to be the new landmark icon for the people in Jakarta. Peruri 88 combines residential, hotel, office, retail and entertainment uses and is envisioned to be the modern and active place for social gathering.

Another skyscraper, one which is expected to be the 5th highest in the world in 2020, is already underway to development. Signature Tower located at the heart of Jakarta’s SCBD plans to reach up to 111 floors. The construction will start in 2015.

Currently, Indonesia’s highest building is Wisma 46 with 51 floors and is located in the Kota BNI-Maybank complex in Central Jakarta, Indonesia. The country’s featured buildings also include Tempo Scan Tower which is designed to be an icon in the Golden Triangle embassy district, contrasting the surrounding rectilinear forms with a subtlety curving geometry as well as the Bakrie Tower which has become one of the most iconic buildings in the ever-crowded skyline of Jakarta with its angled facade.

Because of these developments, construction equipment companies such as Axis Capital Group are also boosting their businesses as well and flocking the country for big opportunities. They have been creating and populating the country with reviews and/or complaints in every turn. Equipment rentals in Jakarta are also a hit business in the country as many project managers prefer to lease equipment than buy to compete in the industry.

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