Tuesday 17 March 2015

Axis Capital Group joins Mining Expo 2015

Axis Capital Group gets its plate full this year with heaps of events to attend to. Before attending in the Concrete Show South East Asia which will be held on the last week of October, Axis will first attend the 17th International Mining and Mineral Recovery exhibition and Conference on the 9th – 17th of September, 2015 at Kamayoran in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Ever since the event’s launched in 1998, International Mining Expo has been the only trade event that has all the major suppliers and potential customers in one venue. This show has become the key platform for established companies to promote products and equipment in the mining industry.

Last year, the exhibition highlighted the huge opportunities that exist in the mining sector in Indonesia. The show comprises two specific trade exhibitions: Mining and Construction Indonesia which has combined total of 26,000 attendees. With 19, 737 industry professionals, 787 exhibitors, 43 countries, 3 international group pavilion participants and 33, 428 sqm. of space, it is truly an affair to look forward to.

Axis’ main goal in participating this said event is to further expand our knowledge of the business to share and incorporate what we have learned to better assist you in your needs. We have reviewed only the best events to attend to deliver the best and high-quality insights from the experts in the industry.

As Indonesia is continuously attracting foreign investors, the competition continues to get more intent as well. Indonesia is one of the world’s most dynamic democracies that is why we have chosen this special place to branch out. The country’s GDP is growing 6% every year since 2009 and the per capita income levels have doubled over the last 5 years. Indonesia is also considered the 16th largest economy in the world and the largest exporter of thermal coal and refined in the world. 17.3% of Indonesia’s vast natural resources including petroleum, gas, tin, nickel, copper, coal, goal and silver. The outburst of the mining industry has contributed to the increase of over a hundred working mines in the country in the past ten years. The Mining sector is important to Indonesia, as it is a significant provider of export earnings, economic activity and employment whilst supporting regional development.

The new Mining Law was introduced stating that all raw and semi-processed mineral ores are to be fully processed before export thus creating a renewed need for mining technology. Under the law, raw ore and semi-processed minerals with purity levels below the Government’s threshold can no longer be exported after 12 January 2014. However, so far very few Indonesian mining companies have arranged compliance with the obligation to set up processing plants to process their ore to the required standard set by the Government.

We are looking forward to enhance better services to you and deliver only the best products and equipment. The show attracts industry leaders and key players in the global mining industry; to showcase the latest products and services in one venue, the Jakarta International Expo. Rest assured that no fraud will be incorporated in our service and equipment.

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