Sunday 15 March 2015

Axis Capital Group Review: Hitachi Machinery Launches Wheel Loader

Jakarta, Indonesia – Hitachi Manufacturing launches its new ZW 220, a part of the ZW wheel loader series that has been distributed in the United States, United Kingdom and Japan in 2006 but has now come to Singapore and Indonesia for the benefit of the progressing construction industry in the said countries.

Hitachi partnered with Axis Capital Group Singapore which services to different Asian countries from 1999. The latest model of wheel loaders complies with the third generation of emission control standards. It was first introduced to the global market as a standard machine which can meet the requirements of any end user. Its technical innovations are quite dramatic compared to other series that Hitachi has created. The makers began to develop and design the ZW range by assessing the demands of people worldwide.

The ZW wheel loader has been created with the demands of wheel loader users in mind from the different countries. In Asian countries, these machineries are used mainly to load. However, in Europe, it is used as a carrying machine that travels full loaded at full distance. The creation and design has undergone extensive research.

Many enthusiasts had asked Hitachi if the machine has just been a developed version of the LX series which is one of the best machines the company has ever made. They denied the idea. They reasoned out that they wanted to generate ideas from scratch. The company was to concentrate on creating completely new product. 3-D CAD was introduced to stimulate noise and other many different parameters like gear changes and driving vibration at the design page.

Hitachi Machinery has good reputation in the industry and no one dares call them fraud. Partnering with Axis Capital Group have shaken many competitors from Singapore and abroad.

With excellent techniques to place in such machines, they have not made a recipe since it was the first time for them doing it but they definitely have the ingredients to experience. The company is also known to be about hydraulic pressures controls, electronics, environmental sustainability and simulation analysis.

With the combined forces of Hitachi and Axis Capital Group, we are looking for a bright future ahead.

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