Sunday, 31 May 2015

Worldwide Challenges Facing the Construction Industry

Jakarta, Indonesia – Despite the industry’s efforts and the emerging age of construction and industrialization in both developed and developing countries in the world, the issues and the challenges continue to rise and strive. Never will the industry or any other things, for that matter be without these challenges.

There are some very serious challenges facing the construction industry that are motivating new approaches to how we design, build, operate, and maintain buildings and infrastructure. While these new technologies are designed to address challenges in the construction industry, I think that they are going to profoundly affect other sectors such as operations and maintenance, emergency planning, first response and urban planning. Axis Capital Group, a construction company based in Singapore and is distributing around South East Asia has listed some of the major hindrances a construction business should endure.

Global Climate Change

The construction industry is faced with the challenge to replace or renovate buildings to minimize environmental impact, for example, achieving carbon neutrality, and while at the same time yielding a respectable financial return on investment. The approach to green buildings requires new challenges to designing new buildings and renovating existing buildings. In Singapore, the government gave out a warning to building owners that by 2020, 80% of infrastructures in the country should be green and meet the standards.

Aging infrastructure

Aging infrastructure is expected to be an increasing prominent issue in many parts of the world. With the fast pace of technology, it is bringing almost all things into its path to innovation, revolution and development. A single construction can take years to be finished. By that time, so many things may have emerged and the methods used might already have been outdated. That is why project managers should take time to review the latest and incorporate it to their task.

Shrinking workforce

In the US a Conference Board study Managing the Mature Workforce predicts that by 2010, the number of workers aged 35 to 44 will decline by 19%; aged 45 to 54 will increase 21%; and aged 55 to 64 will increase 52%. This is a world-wide phenomenon. The number of workers aged 35 to 44 is expected to decline by 27% in Germany, 19% in the U.K., 9% in Italy, 10% in Japan, and by 8% in China.

Declining Productivity

The construction industry is highly competitive, and firms must continually improve their productivity to remain competitive.

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