Wednesday 24 June 2015

Global Mining Predications

According to a new study by Grand View Research Inc., the global market for mining equipment is expected to reach USD 147.69 billion by 2020. Growth in mining activities such as drilling and earth moving is expected to boost demand for shredders, loaders and crushers among other mining equipment. Increasing demand for fertilizer minerals is also expected to favorably impact market demand over the forecast period.

Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital equipment based in Singapore and has now branched out to Jakarta, Indonesia to cater a larger scope of clients can attest to the fast growth of the mining industry over the years.

Mining operations rely on major mineral production regions such as North America, Australia, South Africa, etc. Water scarcity and dry spells in these regions has resulted in growing demand for effective mining solutions. Technologically advanced mining solutions are also estimated to witness growing adoption due to the need for robust hardware in mining locations. However, mining equipments produce harmful gases including carbon monoxide and sulfur oxides, which adversely affect the environment. This is expected to be curbed by the development of hybridization applications in the coming years. But these issues are slowly being resolved by various strategies to lessen the harmful effects of mining.

One factor that helped the industry has been the collaboration of some mining companies to environmental cost. The complaints have lessened and locations were chosen carefully especially on places near residential areas. Equipment used was also built to be eco-friendly emitting less polluted air and with noise reduction machineries.

The report further elaborated their predictions:

• Surface mining equipment is expected to continue being the largest product segment over the forecast period. Demand for these equipments including service trucks, bulk trucks, bulldozers, etc. is estimated to be driven by demand for commodities such as iron ore and bauxite. Mining drills and breakers are expected to witness the fastest growth over the next five years.

• Metal mining is being reviewed to be the largest and fastest growing application market over the next five years. Price-driven increases in resource exploration and mine development activity are expected to be the key driving forces for expected growth in metal mining application. Furthermore, growing demand for precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum is expected to favorably impact segment growth.

• Asia Pacific and accounted for over 59% of global mining equipment demand in 2013, and is expected to dominate the market over the next five years, at an estimated CAGR of 8.7% in 2020, primarily due to high estimated demand from China. Growing mine production and machinery sales is expected to fuel regional growth over the forecast period. Government restrictions on coal fired power plants and coal mine operations in the U.S. may act as a barrier to overall revenue generation.

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