Monday, 6 July 2015

Heavy Construction Equipment on a Tight Perspective

Today’s construction industry requires different number of capital equipment in different sizes, types, and groupings for earth moving, excavating and/or lifting. Construction equipment today is specifically made for certain purposes to design and perform specific tasks and mechanical operations. Working capacity is direct function of the size of the machine and the motor power.

The dependency on capital equipment in the creation of buildings and infrastructures lays a deep root on the growth of the industry. As long as there is equipment fit to do the more tedious tasks that manual labor cannot do, there will always be a demand.

Axis Capital Group, a company which sells and rents capital equipment with its head office in Singapore and its subsidiary in Jakarta, Indonesia, is among the few companies which emphasizes the need for heavy machineries in today’s generation. With the increasing number of infrastructure projects not only in the already developed countries of America and Europe but also on the developing nations of Asia, the need for construction equipment has been greatly acknowledged. Both foreign and local manufacturers from all over the world has been busy producing and distributing new models almost every week.

In some cases, there is a threat that these machineries will replace manpower, a warning of a possible increase in unemployment rate especially in developed countries. However, when local producers and manufacturers have been greatly affected by the increase in attrition rate caused by the recession, the demand for operators and construction workers are proven to be as highly important as the need for these machineries. In a sense, it is a give and take scenario. If there is no manpower, there is no one to operate these heavy machineries and if there are no machineries, workers can obviously file tantamount of complaints on the extremities of labor and tasks.

The dependency and need for construction equipment have grown with the size and the complexity of the projects. The development of automated machineries for earthmoving, excavating and lifting has had an overwhelming evolution in the last two centuries. Today, when some new model of equipment does not exist to perform specific tasks, it can be designed and built. Heavy construction equipment manufacturers are very responsive to the market’s needs and to client’s feedback and comments. A lot of innovators and idealists make it so simple to create a machine which was once a big challenge. How effectively a new machine is done will greatly affect and influence the construction project.

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