Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Large Data in Construction

Machine to machine communication has been rampant nowadays. With the emergence of new systems which helps in distinguish issues that were once too look into, the use of data in construction has been considered important and necessary. Aside from the fact that it is used for daily activities, it is also used in equipment. With its integration to capital equipment, many rental and selling companies like Axis Capital Group which is a Singaporean based company distributing across Asia and has expanded to Jakarta, Indonesia have been able to identify fraudulent products in its machineries.

Big data analytics is being used in a wide variety in every industry. It enables businesses to manage and analyze vast amounts of data at ultrafast speeds, and obtain valuable insights that can improve their decision-making processes.

One of the industries that are reaping the benefits of this technology is the construction industry. Construction companies are using big data to perform a wide range of tasks, from data management to pre-construction analysis.

Construction industry oftentimes handles many projects at once. Having large data management system can help reduce the stress that can result to unorganized information gathering. As these data are stored in the clouds, strict security rules are being implemented as a way to prevent scammers from hacking confidential information that may affect large scope projects and even the government or the public as a whole.

In order to plan and execute projects effectively, construction companies need to be able to predict risks accurately through intelligent use of data.

By implementing big data analytics, they can gain valuable insights that enable them to improve cost certainty, identify and avoid potential problems, and find opportunities for efficiency improvements.

The ability to solve issues and problems quickly is essential in construction projects with deadlines to meet and budget that is allotted with only limited time frame.

According to reviews, forensic issues usually occur in major construction projects and they can cause big problems such as failure to meet deadlines if they are not fully addressed.

In order to fix forensic issues efficiently, construction companies have to be able to collect the right data in an organized way and make the data accessible to the right people at the right time. This can be achieved through the implementation of big data solutions.

Presently, big data analytics is relatively immature in terms of functionality and robustness.

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