Tuesday 21 October 2014

Make Sure your Machine is in the Right Condition before you sell it

Heavy construction equipment is one of those very few things that are constantly in high demand. So if you have this kind of equipment and you are meaning to sell if off, therefore it is always the right time. On the other hand, as there are numerous sellers who are choosing for this choice of making money, you need to ensure that your product sells first and not just another scam afterwards. The buyers have become very conscious of their needs and they look for all their necessities in the product that they buy. So before you sell your heavy construction equipment, you will have to make sure that the equipment and all its parts are in good condition.

Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore, a company that sells and rents construction capital equipment from cranes to excavators and related heavy construction equipment throughout Southeast Asia such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more, gives you these tips on how to ensure your machine is in order before you sell it.

Apparent visual appeal: The initial thing that the seller needs to take care of is the visual appeal of the machine. Cleanliness is an important factor in regards with this. It will not satisfy the buyer if your machine is not cleaned and there is mud and dirt all over it. Making certain that the color of the equipment has not come tainted is very vital as well.

Repair the damaged parts: As the heavy construction equipment has to carry out very wearying jobs the whole day, it is very possible that some of its parts get dented because of work load and heavy pressure. If that is the circumstance with your equipment, then you need to repair it accurately before placing it for auction. Hire a welder earlier and repair all the damage that has been put on to the machine. This is the key to generate a good demand for the machine in the market that it has no imperfections in it.

Engine condition: Most of the time when the seller displays the equipment and the buyer starts the engine to take a look at its condition, the engine either does not start at a single try, or even if it does, it emits a cloud of black unhealthy smoke. This is absolutely against a good report of the machine.

Oil leakage and consumption: A purchaser of the heavy construction equipment inspects for how much the oil consumption rate of the machine is. When you sell the equipment, you have to check the engine that it does not use too much of fuel. A good servicing and a correct maintenance would ensure this. Not just the consumption rate, if there is a leakage of the fuel in the machine then it will certainly not satisfy the buyer.

Papers: Warning! No buyers would be interested enough to buy the equipment without the papers.

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