Monday, 6 October 2014

Start Small yet Think Big

Axis Capital Group, Singapore develops rather a few inquiries from owner/operators probing regarding how they can get started with machine control technology when they just have one or two machines. They distinguish that machine control is something they must do if they require to continue being competitive however worry that the cost and nuisance will just be too much for their companies to grasp and deal with. And there the complaints will start, and they wanted to know how to avoid them.

Axis Capital Group, Singapore is a company that sells and rents construction capital equipment from cranes to excavators and related heavy construction equipment throughout Southeast Asia such as KL Malaysia, Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia and many more.

There are previously some selections out there for all from compact machines to smaller fleets that do not necessitate the infrastructure and communications technology investment of the more advanced 3D systems:

The most straightforward and most economical opportunities to consider when beginning out are laser-based systems that usually use a magnetic attached laser receiver on the machine with a grade lasers for advancement and grade. The laser receiver proposes both visible and audible indication for above, below and on grade location. These verified systems have been accessible for a many years and let machine operators of backhoes, skid steers, dozers and smaller excavators to distinguish precisely where grade and elevation is minus the use of a grade checker. Varying on the system components and machine type, these laser-based systems can be used for flat, slope and cross slope grade control. Furthermore some laser-based systems use an in-cab control box to deliver automatic control of the blade. Laser-based systems are normally very simple to set up, and need very little training. Moreover, some laser based 2D systems for mini excavators and backhoes use wireless sensors to measure the relationship concerning the body, boom, stick and bucket—making installation and setup even simpler!

There is a new category of machine control systems as well that blend the unfussiness of laser-based systems with some of the more advanced capabilities of a full 3D system. These lower-cost “system in a case” solutions for excavators and compactors are planned precisely for companies that have not yet invested in machine control. The system usually includes control box, software, rotational and directional sensors, laser catcher, and all the cabling and mounts required for installation. The systems are so easy that the installation can be completed by the contractor in around two hours with no drilling or welding needed. This indicates, anybody can be up and running with 2D machine control! And with add-on possibilities like GPS, you can effortlessly begin small today with the system in a case and go big as your demands alter. And more, the systems are very movable and multipurpose they can be simply moved from machine to machine, or between jobsites if necessary.

Both of these possibilities have one mutual thing. They can increase your productivity without the difficulty and investment needed for full-scale 3D systems. Warning! Don’t wait any longer. And then get started! 

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