Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Warning! Never Disregard Equipment Safety

Two latest safety occurrences drive home the gravity of disregarding safety hazards.
The proprietor and a project manager for U.S. Sino Investment, Fremont, Calif., have been accused on charges of involuntary manslaughter after disregarding a stop-work order. After, an employee died in a trench cave-in.

Asphalt Specialties, Pontiac, Mich., have been instructed to pay almost $1 million for improperly dismissing a foreman and two truck drivers who brought up  concerns about exhausted and fatigued drivers.

These acts are accurate and fair. The fired workers are given back pay damage settlements. However the family of the dead worker will never be able to return their dead loved one. Families, friends and others related with those upon whom justice is meted out are correspondingly concerned. The harm to individuals lengthens far yonder those directly concerned in any incident.

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration reviews job sites, cites dangerous practices, charges fines for same, and commands projects shut down. There have been complaints about the oversight; however incidents like these outshine the troublesomeness. Construction workers or supervisors who disregard unsafe situations need to recognize their accountability for the security of others.

If they consider wind speeds endanger safe lifts, tower crane operators have the authorization and responsibility to shut down a project. That’s an extremely noticeable misfortune that is stopped. For trench cave-ins, they are all too usual, and news reports on the accident infrequently travel elsewhere the region in which it happens.

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Equipment operators and site supervisors need to take critically their duty to recognize and avoid accidents. Give salutes to the three men who rose in the gap for their coworkers threatened by fatigue truck drivers as well as the innumerable equipment operators and workers who have prevented trench cave-ins through speaking up.

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