Sunday 14 December 2014

How to Keep Safe from Scam

Here at Axis Capital Group, Singapore we make every effort to carry out the best service to our clients. It is even so a depressing reality of life that fraud and scams are a familiar incidence at the present time. These are some tips from Axis Capital Group consumer scam reviews so you can avoid becoming the next victim.

Never ever provide your personal details out done in email. Be cautious of emails requesting you to authorize or provide website login and credit card details.

Try, at all times, to check the seller’s identity. Criminals will usually conceal identity behind generic email accounts and carry out negotiations anonymously through email. They will frequently operate an answer phone message to pick up inquiries, email account and after that carry on conversations through email, so at all times try to inaugurate telephone interaction with the seller primarily and verify their identity.

Be careful of things marketed at remarkably low prices. When an bid appears to be too good to be true, it frequently is. A usual scam includes potential buyers being mailed an email including thorough information on a vehicle so they say located overseas. As soon as communication is reputable, the scammer forces the purchaser into giving a minor fee to see the vehicle.

Legitimate businesses do not pose a service to confirm dealings or give out data between purchasers and traders. They will not behave as a mediator or coordinate or authorize shipping engagements. They certainly not lead users from an email directly to a payment page.

They have procedures prepared to spot doubtful dealing and furthermore work out with the police with their record. On the other hand, you must at all times be apprehensive of bargains that look too good to be true.  Never disburse any funds in foreign bank accounts. One more usual con includes bogus out of the country sellers contacting you straight or act as if from a respectable organization. For example, someone from Jakarta, Inonesia has contacted you; you should always double check with someone you know nothing about.

Swindle, fake, sham and stolen items can frequently slip over and look as if it is a real listing. It is vital to study the advertisement description warily and ask questions. It is usual for swindlers request for contact through a different email address and next is they demand for payment for merchandise via non-traceable revenues. If a trader does not compromise a warranty or receipt, check why.


  1. Companies are legally obliged to identify their employees and that they have a legal right to work and you should never pass ID documentation over the internet.

  2. Speak to your bank urgently and advise them that you have inadvertently given your bank details to criminals and are worried that fraudulent deposits might be made to your account.

  3. I was a victim, I should have done more research as I am a professional and should know better.

  4. All makes sense now. I wasn't going to agree to the arrangement anyway, but wanted to find out if anyone else was a victim to this and what it involves.

  5. It's more inventive than many of the other scams attempting to gain access to victim's accounts, many of which amount to out and out requests for internet banking passwords thinly disguised as employment offers, but the basic foundation of this offer makes no sense.