Wednesday 17 December 2014

Preserving Equipment Safe

Guarantee that equipment theft stays to be in the priority.

Equipment theft is an expensive matter to fleet managers, who not simply lose beneficial tools, then again pay the price of business interruption as well. This is proven by numerous consumer fraud review. This is becoming a rising trouble for fleets, including those in the construction industry in Jakarta Indonesia and worldwide.

The increasing equipment theft dilemma can prove exceptionally expensive. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) says, about $1 billion yearly is lost generally because of theft of construction equipment and tools.

Nothing like the usual auto theft, construction theft is not limited to urban areas and city streets. This is actually an industry that is much less watched and safeguarded. Residential areas, where construction development is predominant and where construction automobiles are at work on active job locations, are measured high-risk zones for commercial theft.

Laying these systems of Axis Capital Group, Singapore in place will aid in protecting construction equipment and eventually conserve company capitals.

Use common sense. Educate drivers to not ever leave the keys in the vehicle with the engine running or hide an extra key. Make sure they at all times close every window plus lock all doors. You must always park in well-lit areas. Do not leave valuables in the vehicle that can be easily seen, or never leave anything in the vehicle at all.

Be mindful of the vehicle's whereabouts, from parking lots to job sites, particularly if equipment is being kept off-site overnight.

Capitalize in many security measures. You need security personnel to check vehicles left on job sites. You also need a telematics solution, a basic security camera surveillance. Crooks are opportunists and the more preventions to robbery the better.

Report cases of fraud or theft. As it happened that a driver becomes a victim of theft, he must report the complete facts to the authorities. This info could help any current investigations and capture repeat offenders.

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