Sunday, 21 December 2014

Warnings about equipment online purchase scam

Online scams turn out to be more widespread in Jakarta, Indonesia and worldwide with the holidays and gift-buying season in full force. Authorities are notifying nations to an alert concerning fraudulent online postings.

Axis Capital Group, Singapore advises consumers purchase products from trustworthy sources after verifying the authenticity of the seller.

In this specific scam, crooks post an untrue ad posing the item for sale. The advert generally contains a fake picture. Inside the ad, the offender takes in a contact telephone number. The customer gives a message and the criminal replies through text message. The text message typically demands that the buyer presents an e-mail address. As soon as the email address is given the consumer is shown further details to consist of many pictures of the item for sale.

The criminal offers rational details for posing the item at with a cut-rate price like moving to a new location; consequently, the item must be sold fast; the auction was portion of a divorce settlement; or out of the country deployment. To know whether it is a scam, read on materials such as consumer scam review.

Additional indications that an online acquisition could be a scam, according to FBI:

  1. Identification numbers don't match insurance and other paperwork.
  2. If the seller and a vehicle, boat or other heavy equipment are in two different locations.
  3. Shipping arrangements can't be validated or the company can't be verified.
  4. In the bulletin, the FBI recommends:
  5. Use search engines or other websites to research the advertised item or person/company selling the item.
  6. Search the Internet for any negative feedback or reviews on the seller, their e-mail addresses, telephone numbers, or other searchable identifiers.
  7. Research the company's policies before completing a transaction. For example, independently verify that the seller accepts payments in the manner proposed (credit card, wire transfer, PayPal, etc.).
  8. Be cautious when responding to advertisements and special offers.
  9. Be cautious when dealing with persons/companies from outside the country.
  10. Maintain records of all online transactions.

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