Monday, 21 July 2014

311F LRR Excavator New Performance

Contractors eyeing for a machine with the control to do numerous jobs and lessen operating costs to meet their business essentials will discover it with the new 311F LRR excavator which is at Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore. It is powered with a 52-kW (ISO 9249) C3.4B engine that matches EU Stage IIIB emissions criteria, the new excavator features a lessened radius that restricts over-the-side tail swing to just 508 mm, creating it as an ideal for space-restricted job sites and allowing it to suit on utmost Southeast Asian, i.e. KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Jakarta Indonesia and Bangkok Thailand, road streets. An immense 2 450-kg counterweight gives it the constancy and working ability of conventional excavators, and the exceptional design sanctions for use of a full-sized rollover protective structure cab. The machine’s compacted size is accompanied with fuel-saving features and an effectual hydraulic system that powers through hard excavating and effortlessly grips a range of work tools.

Emissions regulator is transparent to the 311F LRR operator, demanding no interference and producing no break of work cycles. There is no requisite for diesel exhaust fluid either. Additional compensations comprise the very low operating cost because of the least fuel consumption. Fuel economy can be improved by the Eco Mode and the engine idle shutdown feature, which automatically halts the engine after a pre-set period of waiting. 

The powerful hydraulic system makes foremost mechanisms in near vicinity, which aids cut frictional losses and pressure drops. The system answers correspondingly to switch lever movement and transports movement exactly where and when it is necessary, which diminishes pump loads and saves fuel. Additional fuel savings result from renewing boom and stick cylinder oil—transporting oil starting at the head end to the rod end of the cylinders minus the wasteful flowing back to the tank.

The 311F LRR can be equipped with the Axis Tool Control to avoid complaints, counting 10 pre-programmed tools, exactly restraining flow and pressure at the touch of a button. The amalgamation of supplementary hydraulic systems and couplers permits the use and hasty alteration of a diversity of work tools, for bigger machine adaptability and efficiency.

In the cab an automatic climate control system with multiple vents provides filtered air, and seat choices include air suspension, heated, and cooled options. Joystick control consoles can be attuned to operator liking; the right-hand controller includes a "one touch" button for plummeting and recommencing engine speed. The LED monitor can be programmed in 42 languages and exhibitions critical working information in addition to images from the standard rearview camera.

The full-size excavator cab features plenty, flat glass for outstanding all-around discernibility. The cab moreover offers easy admission and amply of foot room. Halogen lights brighten the work area, then they can be planned to stay on for as long as 90 seconds after the engine shuts down.

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