Thursday, 24 July 2014

The New 374F and 390F

The new 374F and 390F hydraulic excavators constructed on the strength, dependability, and performance of the D-Series, and reflect Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore design criteria, which comprise low fluid consumption for trifling operating costs, finest operator comfort, easy serviceability, and class-leading productivity.

Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore which has been  servicing Southeast Asia, i.e. KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Jakarta Indonesia and Bangkok Thailand.


With respective net power ratings of 352 kW and 391 kW, the C15 ACERT™ engine on the 374F and C18 ACERT on the 390F meet E.U. Stage II/U.S. EPA Tier 2 emissions regulations. Compared with Stage IIIA engines, the 374F and 390F are more fuel efficient than their D predecessors, thanks to a 5% fuel consumption decrease on the 374F, and 390F improved productivity performances.

Fuel-saving features contain twofold power modes, standard or economy, to agree the operator to choose an engine functioning haste to meet the application. Furthermore, an on-demand-power system alters engine speed to meet the operating load, and an engine-idle-shutdown system halts the engine later it laze around a pre-set intermission. These systems aside from saving fuel and decrease emissions, nonetheless also suggestively spread service intervals.

The 374F and 390F hydraulic systems are planned with major mechanisms in handy vicinity, a preparation that permits diminutive linking tubes and hoses to lessen frictional harms and pressure reductions, consequent in abridged filling on the scheme for additional fuel savings. This fuel-saving feature smoothest hydraulic functions and enhances to general hydraulic competence.

The new reproductions can be armed with supplementary hydraulic circuits, letting the use of motorized work tools that can be effortlessly devoted with a hydraulically triggered coupler. For additional fuel savings, electrically skillful renewal systems in the prosperous and stick circuits change oil between the cylinder ends to decrease the load on the main hydraulic pumps.

Physical toughness is safeguarded by the established heavy-duty building of the processors and undercarriage. The upper frame joins special mountings to provision the heavy-duty cab; the lower frame is heavily reinforced for long-term toughness. A long-track, variable-gauge undercarriage—featuring huge track roller frames and high-tensile-strength-steel components—delivers a wide, stable working basis, whereas regulating to decrease shipping width. A new counterweight removal device is accessible to consent easier and more well-organized conveyance.

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