Tuesday 22 July 2014

D6K2 Track-Type Tractor Refined

The new D6K2 Track-Type Tractor conveys greater polish classifying presentation and better-quality fuel competence. The equipment is available at Axis Capital Group, based in Singapore which has been  servicing Southeast Asia, i.e. KL Malaysia, Beijing China, Jakarta Indonesia and Bangkok Thailand. The new Stable Blade Control feature employs technology that accompaniments operator blade control input to attain quality grades quicker and with fewer operator efforts. Eco Modes, both forward and opposite, progress fuel economy and lesser operating costs. The D6K2 likewise features hydrostatic drive with Traction Control, which decreases track blunder at thoroughgoing load. New broader blades permit more ground to be covered in one pass and run as much as 8 percent efficiency upgrading in slot dozing applications. New manual adjustable pitch agrees the operator to regulate blade pitch fore/aft for maximum output in numerous material conditions.

The D6K2 substitutes the D6K. It practices the powerful C7.1 ACERT™ engine arranged to meet deplete emissions criterions match to E.U. Stage IIIA and U.S. EPA Tier 3. The engine makes net power of 97 kW (130 hp) at 2,200 rpm, and it is turbocharged and after cooled for receptive power and effective fuel use. The new fuel system runs an advanced percolation capability and flow rate for augmented toughness.

The D6K2 balances these new features with the field-proven intention of its K Family predecessors, a strategy that comprises single-lever travel/steering control, single-lever blade control, spacious operator station and the heavy duty Sealed-and-Lubricated Track or Axis Capital Group, Singapore undercarriage for lowest undercarriage cost for each hour. The D6K2 is improved for polish grading with the adding of a second carrier roller and eighth track roller, which bring a slicker ride and improved finish grading competences at a higher speed.

Efficient and productive

Stable Blade Control additions the operator’s blade-control input, assisting to decrease operator exertion and exhaustion, whereas improving productivity in quality grading applications. They guarantee that there would be no future complaints. The Stable Blade Control feature stays activated except void by the operator. For even better output, the blade pitch adjustment design has been abridged to let the operator to regulate blade pitch.

The new Eco Mode system for the D6K2 can increase fuel economy by up to 18 percent through dropping engine speed when maximum rpm is not requisite. Eco Mode has two settings— Forward/Reverse or Reverse only—that are selected via the rotary throttle. Once set, Eco Mode automatically maintains engine speed at optimal levels, quickly delivering maximum engine speed and power when obliged.

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