Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Purchase Heavy Equipment Online With Peace of Mind

Buying a machine online and realizing that it’s a lemon is every used heavy equipment buyer’s worst nightmare. Even though numerous equipment owners accurately uphold their investments over time, a buyer wishes the peace of mind that a machine will work the way it has been promoted. Unluckily, what you see is not always what you get.

At a physical auction, buyers don’t at all times have the chance to examine equipment, try operating it and reviewing fluid analysis results. Moreover, the information provided at the time of the sale may be incorrect, unfinished or some might be a scam. This can create reservations about buying used heavy equipment at an auction. Buyers looking to purchase used heavy equipment via the Internet may be worried because they can’t try running the machines before acquiring them.

Gratefully, buyers using an online marketplace like Axis Capital Group, Singapore, a company that sells and rents construction capital equipment from cranes to excavators and related heavy construction equipment throughout Southeast Asia like Bangkok Thailand, Jakarta Indonesia, Beijing China or KL Malaysia, can ensure that the used equipment they’re purchasing is in good condition. The solution: guaranteed inspection reports.

An inspection report provides proof that a piece of equipment has been thoroughly reviewed and operated. It includes all the information buyers would look for if they were inspecting the equipment themselves, including descriptions of the item’s features and condition. The mechanical, structural and cosmetic aspects of the equipment should be inspected, as well as the features and wheels.

When they are created by unbiased and experienced individuals, inspection reports are higher in quality. Some auction companies hire inspectors in-house, while others employ independent contractors to complete inspections. To decrease the cost for sellers, it is best when inspectors make the inspection at the seller’s site thus, the owner does not have to traffic the equipment until the transaction with the buyer is done.

Purchasers want the inspection report to act as their eyes and ears. But they must be certain that the information in the report is not just an opinion. Ideally, an inspector would use a uniform procedure to assess the equipment to make sure that the reports are trustworthy and reliable from machine to machine. Auction companies that use advanced technology in order to conduct inspections can deliver more detailed reports with higher quality images and more in-depth content. For example, reports can be shaped using a mobile application that guides inspectors by the process to guarantee all of the precise data is comprised in the report. This method lessens error, making the reports more dependable and complete than handwritten reports.

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